December 13, 2019

Moran Family of Brands is proud to be featured in the December issue of Franchise Dictionary Magazine. As part of the most recent edition, Moran named to the annual “Game Changers” ranking by the publication.

Franchise Dictionary chooses its “game changers” on a set of criteria which includes:

Impacting veterans. Moran Family of Brands has 14 veteran franchise owners in the system who have been enlisted in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines branches of the military, as well as the national guard.  Moran is an active member of VetFran, an initiative that provides a $5,000 franchise fee discount, mentorship and training programs for any honorably discharged U.S. Veteran transition to civilian life.

Millennials choice. Moran’s franchise locations across the country offer excellent employment opportunities for talented millennial workers.  Millennials also make up a large portion of our customer base, and it is important for us to continue to provide excellent service and develop relationships with our younger demographic.

Making an impact. All our franchise locations make an impact each day, whether they are keeping cars running properly or offering sound advice to our customers for the best option for their vehicle.  We have been extremely successful over the years and have a bright future ahead.

Serving their community. We believe strongly in service to others, and our franchises are constantly making an impact on their communities, from participating in toy drives to helping hurricane victims. As a corporation, we partner with groups like the Alzheimer’s Association and the GGG Emergency Assistance Foundation.

Creating an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Moran Family of Brands is constantly growing and adding many talented new franchisees looking for successful business opportunities.  Along with VetFran, Moran is a member of DiversityFran, which helps its members reach emerging markets and increase diversity in franchising.

Filling a niche. There are more than 250 million vehicles in the United States.  All will need regular maintenance and often additional service during their lifetimes.  We are proud to be a trusted choice for people to come to for their general auto repair and transmission service needs.

In highlighting Moran Family of Brands, Franchise Dictionary said:

“Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care/Moran Family of brands offers an unbeatable combination of exciting concepts. As one of the leading franchisors in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, they offer proven brands with the flexibility of building a business the way you want. Single brand and co-brand options are available giving franchisees an opportunity to start small and expand or dream big right out of the gate.”

The publication also featured Moran’s co-branding franchise opportunities, stating: "This Co-Branding dynamic offers the franchisee the advantage of having the same fixed overhead as a single brand shop with two revenue streams."

In addition to the accolades for the whole system, Franchise Dictionary featured Milex/Mr. Transmission franchisee Jason Kuriger, who is based out of Crest Hill, Illinois.

The article said of Kuriger: "He builds rapport and maintains loyalty in several ways. He learns clients’ first names, and they develop mutual respect; it’s a family relationship between them and his business. In addition, Kuriger has a special teacher program with benefits to educators, and he supports Easter Seals with fleet servicing.”

Moran Family of Brands is proud to be featured several times in the current edition of Franchise Dictionary.  We believe the recognition is a testament to the hard work and success of our talented franchise owners across the country.

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