Over the last 20 years, Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care has been providing customers with one-stop automotive care, promoting long-term customer relationships and delivering more revenue streams for franchisees. And although auto care is deemed essential in most states, the Moran Family of Brands wanted to do more to help ensure customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

“If customers do not wish to come into any of our locations, participating centers are offering free vehicle pickup and drop-off for customers within a five- to 10-mile radius,” says Amanda Maquet, project manager-marketing director for the Moran Family of Brands. “All locations will continue to perform regular maintenance, engine repairs, transmission repairs, and free towing on all major repairs. All of our technicians are also taking all the necessary precautions during this sensitive time.”

In addition, centers that can’t offer the pickup and delivery service by an employee are offering free towing, which includes after-hours drop-off and no-contact drop-off during operating hours.

The Moran Family of Brands has a reputation of excellent customer service and helping owners adapt their businesses when necessary. As such, franchisees may determine how long they want to offer these extended services, based on their state and local regulations.

Mr. Transmission specializes in the repair and installation of transmission systems and drive-train components. Milex Complete Auto Care offers a wide menu of general automotive repair services, from oil changes and drivability issues to complex diagnostics, medium- to heavy-duty repair, and engine repair or replacement for foreign and domestic vehicles.

Written By: Nancy E. Williams

Story originally published on Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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