Electric Vehicle Maintenance 

At Milex Complete Auto Care, our team of experts can help with any of your electric vehicle maintenance and repairs. From your sensors to brakes, we can keep your EV Road Ready.

Routine maintenance for your electric vehicle is very important. Although electric vehicles do not need regular oil changes or transmission repairs, it is still important to keep up with routine maintenance to keep your electric vehicle Road Ready.

We suggest:

  • Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles.
  • Windshield wipers should be changed after winter, a rainy spring or every 15,000 miles.
  • Keep an eye out for burnt out light bulbs and get them changed as soon as possible.
  • Brakes should be checked for wear and tear regularly, as EV brakes can last longer than traditional brakes.
  • Fluids should be checked regularly – especially coolant and their hoses as it is keeps the thermal management system’s electrical parts from overheating. Additional fluids to have checked are: hydraulic brake fluid and HVAC refrigerants.
  • Maintain the air filters, as there are two filters that filter the air that goes through the cabin and the battery compartment. If they are not regularly serviced, it could cause damage to the battery. 
  • Check the battery charger modules, battery heater & cooling system, power inverter.
  • The suspension system in electric vehicles should be checked for wear and tear on shocks, axle, wheel bearings, and alignments.


From time to time even EVs can need major repairs. The experts at Milex can be your first call when your electric vehicle is in need of repair.

Sensors can not only play a part in your blind spot monitoring system but are also an important part of your electric vehicle’s operating system. Milex can diagnose and repair any of your sensor issues.

Axles, shocks, gear boxes, and power steering are all important parts to keep your electric vehicle running smoothly. When major repairs are needed, the team at Milex is ready to inspect, diagnose, and repair, so that you can be back on the road safely.

Not sure what’s wrong with your EV? Call us today to schedule our diagnostic service.

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