Commonly Forgotten Car Care Tips

January 8, 2017


Commonly Forgotten Car Care Tips

Your car is one of the most valuable items that you own. Not only is it expensive, but it is also the tool that allows you to get to work or the store and visit friends and family. Your car is an important part of your life and, as such, it should be your priority to take care of it well. Responsible car owners make sure to do the basics such as changing their oil, but many important car care tips are often forgotten. Milex Complete Auto Care is here to ensure that your car is properly maintained. We have four commonly forgotten car care tips that will extend the longevity of your car, so it can take you on a lot more adventures in its lifetime.

1. Check your tire pressure
Most people know that rotating your tires helps them to wear more evenly, although most car owners don’t know how to do it themselves. If tires are not rotated, they will wear unevenly, which will result in you needing to buy new tires more quickly. But a less well-known way to lengthen the lives of your tires is to regularly check your tire pressure. Making sure that your tires have the correct air pressure will extend their life and save you money. If your pressure gets too low, you run the risk of a flat tire or a blowout.

2. Check your gas cap
Over time the rubber piece surrounding gas caps can warp, causing the cap to lose its seal. If your gas cap is not sealing properly your mileage can be negatively affected, costing you extra money. A defective gas cap can also cause your check engine light to light up, but don’t panic! Changing out a gas cap is a quick and easy fix that any Milex team member can help you with.

3. Change out your windshield wipers
Like the rubber piece on gas caps, the rubber on windshield wipers will wear out over time. Because the rubber on your wipers sees so much wear, it is prone to ripping, tearing, and breaking after many uses. This wear causes the wipers to be less effective, which can be dangerous in heavy rain. It takes no time at all to replace wiper blades, so if you notice large patches of water are not being wiped, stop by your local Milex.

4. Check and top off fluids
There is one fluid all drivers are ever-vigilant of — gasoline. However, gas is not the only fluid that your vehicle relies on. It is essential to check coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid regularly in order to keep your car running properly. Coolant loses its anti-freeze properties over time. It is important to do a coolant flush about every two years to ensure that the coolant is working properly and keeping your radiator free of rust, dirt, and sludge. Transmission fluid plays an important part in lubricating the moving parts inside of your transmission. Check and top off transmission fluid regularly in order to keep your car running. Power steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid that transmits power in a steering system. It is vital to check the power steering fluid levels in order to ensure that your steering wheel continues to function properly.

These often-forgotten car care tips will help keep your car running for longer — and save you money in the meantime! Stop by any Milex Complete Auto Care and invest in your vehicle’s future.

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