April 21, 2017



Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day being celebrated on Saturday, April 22, Milex Complete Auto Care is offering suggestions of things you can do with your vehicle and commuting routines to take better care of the planet. Earth Day Network says transportation is now the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 24 percent of global emissions. Here’s the good news: Going green doesn’t mean spending a ton of green. Let’s examine several solutions to protect the environment with your car that don’t involve adding a brand-new hybrid to your garage.


We understand that ditching the car in favor of a bike or the bus may not be feasible to most people. However, spending one or two days catching a ride with a co-worker who lives nearby, or even a neighbor who works near you, can make a difference. Carpooling may help put a little extra cash in your pockets, while potentially reducing congestion on your local commute.

Slow Down

Reduce your carbon footprint by easing your foot off the accelerator. Traveling as little as 10 mph slower can boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while decreasing the output of carbon dioxide. Cruise control on the highway will help you maintain a consistent speed. Plan accordingly and leave for your intended destination a few minutes earlier if you’re worried your speed will make you late.

Refillable Travel Mugs

We love drinking coffee during the morning commute. Unfortunately, less than two percent of customers at a popular coffee chain took advantage of a program that allowed the use of reusable mugs. Travel mugs allow you to enjoy that cup-of-joe-to-go without adding more trash to local landfills.

Regular Maintenance

When you follow a vehicle service schedule, you help reduce emissions and fuel consumption. That includes regularly scheduled oil changes, replacing fuel and air filters, and checking the spark plugs. Make sure you visit your local Milex Complete Auto Care for a regular tune-up.

Use Vinegar to Clean

Cleaning your car involves a lot of elbow grease. But the good news — it doesn’t necessarily mean using chemicals. You can clean your car windows with a simple solution of vinegar, tap water and a spray bottle. Make this a quick part of your Earth Day plans!

Pump it Up

Make sure you consistently check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires will improve your vehicle’s gas mileage — in some cases up to three percent. That, in turn, means fewer visits to the gas pump.

These are just some of the simple ways you can become environmentally friendly behind the wheel. The professionals at Milex Complete Auto Care are valuable resources on your journey to go green. For more information on how you can become safer and more environmentally conscious with your vehicle, visit Milex Complete Auto Care.




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