October 11, 2023
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Exploring the Mechanics of CV Joints


Navigating sharp turns or driving on uneven terrains showcases the intricate machinery working tirelessly beneath a vehicle's hood. One component that’s not always on the radar are the Constant Velocity (CV) joints. CV joints ensure smooth turns and efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels. Milex Complete Auto Care can help you learn more about this important component and how to maintain it.


Whether driving a bumpy road or making a sharp turn, the vehicle's wheels move in various directions. CV joints, also known as a half-shaft, guarantee that despite these movements, there's a continuous power flow, resulting in a seamless driving experience. They connect the transmission to the wheels, facilitating power transfer while accommodating the up-and-down motion of the suspension. They ensure consistent power delivery from the engine to the wheels, irrespective of driving conditions or wheel angle.


Understand the Signs of a CV Joint Problem

CV joints are built to last the life of the vehicle, but over time, CV joints can wear down. When CV joints become worn or damaged, you may be able to identify the signs of a problem before it becomes a major issue, impacting the vehicle's performance and safety.


One of the most common symptoms of a failing CV joint is a clicking noise when turning. This noise becomes more pronounced at sharper turns. If left unchecked, the clicking can become louder and more frequent. Apart from the clicking noise during turns, a badly worn CV joint can produce a noticeable knocking or clunking sound when shifting between drive modes, such as shifting from drive to reverse or when accelerating and decelerating.


A worn CV joint can cause the shaft to vibrate during driving. This vibration is often felt through the steering wheel, especially when accelerating. The CV joint is packed with special grease and sealed with rubber or plastic boot. If the boot gets damaged or wears out, it may cause grease to leak.


If at any point it becomes challenging to control the vehicle when making turns, head straight to a mechanic. In extreme cases, if the wear or damage is not addressed in time, the CV joint can fail. This means the car won't move as power from the engine won't be transmitted to the wheels.


Milex Will Get Your Car Road Ready

Milex Complete Auto Care technicians understand potential issues surrounding CV joints. Our team will assess the CV joints meticulously for signs of wear or damage. Our detailed approach helps guarantee vehicle longevity and optimal performance.


With a legacy spanning over 50 years in the automotive industry, Milex has refined its expertise, ensuring vehicles receive unparalleled care. Their technicians, adept at handling various car models and makes, excel in diagnosing and addressing CV joint concerns. We take a customer-centric approach to help build enduring relationships. We emphasize customer education, ensuring clients grasp the intricacies of the repairs. It's a commitment to not just resolving issues but also enlightening customers. A visit for a CV joint inspection also includes a general overview, ensuring the vehicle's overall well-being.


“It’s really difficult to find an honest, trustworthy mechanic these days. If you want quality, commitment, and honesty, this is the place,” said Mike, a Milex customer.


Milex: A One-Stop Shop

Our blend of expertise and genuine customer care positions us as leaders in the automotive service industry. When considering a vehicle check-up, understanding the importance of CV joints and relying on Milex for car care can make all the difference. Schedule an appointment at a location near you today.



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