June 8, 2023

Five Red Flags of Low Transmission Fluid


Recognizing the red flags of low transmission fluid levels is crucial for preserving the performance and longevity of your vehicle's transmission system. Mr. Transmission Milex Complete Auto Care have symptoms to keep on your radar.


Maintaining Car Fluids

Fluids play a crucial role in the proper functioning of various systems and components in a car. They help reduce friction between moving parts, preventing excessive heat and wear. Regularly replacing these fluids ensures that the components are adequately lubricated, promoting smoother operation, and extending their lifespan. Some fluids have cleaning additives, which can improve your vehicle's performance and efficiency. Over time, your vehicle’s fluids can become contaminated, degraded, or depleted, which can lead to reduced performance, increased wear and tear, and potential damage to the vehicle.

Your vehicle's transmission is a critical component that allows for smooth gear changes and efficient power delivery. One crucial element that keeps it running smoothly is transmission fluid. Insufficient transmission fluid levels can lead to various issues and potentially cause long-term damage to your vehicle.

  1. Fluid leaks: A leak may deplete your transmission fluid. If you notice reddish fluid pooling underneath your vehicle, it may be transmission fluid.
  2. Gear slippage: One of the most common signs of low transmission fluid is gear slippage. If you experience a sudden loss of power or notice the engine revving higher than usual, the transmission does not receive enough fluid to engage the gears properly.
  3. Delayed or erratic shifting: If you notice irregular shifting patterns, such as a significant pause when shifting from park to drive, or abrupt and harsh gear changes during acceleration or deceleration, low transmission fluid may be the culprit.
  4. Overheating transmission: Transmission fluid helps keep it cool. Low fluid levels may cause your transmission to overheat and lead to costly repairs. Keep an eye out for warning lights on your dashboard indicating high transmission temperature, or if you notice a burning smell coming from under the hood.
  5. Unusual noises: If you hear whining, humming, or buzzing sounds, especially during gear changes or when the vehicle is in neutral, it could be a sign of low transmission fluid. These sounds often result from increased friction between transmission components due to insufficient lubrication.


 Basics of Car Maintenance

Owning a car can put a damper on your bank account. Filling up the tank, insurance premiums, and monthly payments are costly. Nearly 58% of drivers revealed they would not be able to pay for a car repair over $1,000, according to a survey conducted by FinanceBuzz. Staying up-to-date on car maintenance can save you money and prevent more significant problems down the road. Yet nearly 64% of drivers are dragging their heels about taking a car in for maintenance.

Don’t neglect your vehicle! Service technicians at Milex Complete Auto Care - Mr. Transmission have years of experience keeping people moving. A car maintenance appointment typically involves a series of checks, inspections, and services to ensure your vehicle's proper functioning and safety. Depending on the type of maintenance your car needs, we’ll change the oil, replace the filters, rotate the tires, inspect the brakes, and check the battery. To ensure your car is in tip-top shape, our technicians will top off the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and transmission fluid.

Schedule Your Car Maintenance Today!

It’s important to stay on top of car maintenance and have your transmission inspected every 30,000 miles to prevent unexpected problems. The mechanics at Milex Complete Auto Care - Mr. Transmission can keep your vehicle in top condition to prevent costly repairs. Visit our website to find your localMilex - Mr. Transmission and schedule a maintenance appointment today.


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