September 7, 2021

Five Silent Signs Your Car is Failing


Understanding when something is wrong with your vehicle, including silent signs, can save you money on repairs and prevent a long stay at the auto repair shop.


Only 39 percent of Americans can comfortably cover an unexpected bill of $1,000, according to Bankrate, an online financial resource. Regular car maintenance is key to preventing breakdowns and ensuring your ride delivers you safely to your destination. Despite saving customers money, many Americans put off car maintenance, especially during the past year. Hectic work and childcare schedules can make it difficult to put car care on your to-do list.


Following the outbreak of the pandemic, many Americans did not keep up with maintenance schedules. They were driving less and coping with the stress of telework and remote schooling. According to the Hankook Tire Gauge Index, a survey of 1,094 randomly selected Americans over age 18 who have a valid United States driver's license, nearly half delayed or canceled a vehicle maintenance appointment. More than 73 percent did not top off fluids, and 70 percent did not check tire pressure.


Silent Signs You Need to Take Car to Mechanic

While regular maintenance will keep your car running smoothly and help maintain resale value, it’s not the only task drivers should stay on top of to keep their cars in tip-top shape. Car owners know if the brakes squeal or it takes a couple of times to get the engine to turn over, they need to head in for a tune-up. Did you know that there are many silent signs your car may be failing?


Milex Complete Auto Care, the source for general automotive repair and maintenance, can help you identify some of these silent potential problems before they become a costly concern. Be on the lookout for these five signs to know when you need to stop in for repairs.


  1. Dim Headlights or Malfunctioning Radio. If you notice it’s harder to see at night while driving, it may not be a sign you need to make an appointment at the eye doctor. Dim headlights or a malfunctioning radio can be an indicator your battery is low on charge and may need to be replaced. Other signs you might need to get your battery strength tested include trouble starting the car, or your battery light comes on.
  1. Trouble Staying in Your Lane. If you notice when you’re driving on the highway that your car pulls in one direction rather than staying in the center of the lane, you may need to get it checked out. Pulling can be a sign of a problem with suspension or alignment. If your alignment is off, your tires will experience uneven wear and tear and need to be replaced sooner.
  1. Bad Odor. Once you’ve determined that the bad odor in your car isn’t from a discarded sippy cup of milk under the seat or a stray bag of workout gear, it may be time to have a mechanic take a look. A bad odor could indicate a coolant leak or mold in your vents. A rotten egg smell may be a sign of a problem in the fuel system.
  1. Leaks. It takes a variety of different fluids to keep your car running smoothly. If you notice a puddle in your garage when you pull out in the morning, your car needs to be serviced. Common car leaks include transmission fluid, oil, and brake fluid. If your transmission fluid is low, it can lead to gear slippage and sluggishness. Low brake fluid can result in uneven wear and damage to your brake pads over time. An oil leak can cause engine damage.
  1. Check Engine Light. Your check engine light is a silent but effective indicator that there is a problem with your vehicle. Don’t ignore the light when it comes on. If your check engine light comes on and there are no outward signs of a problem, drive to your nearest Milex location to determine the source of the problem.


Milex Keeps You Road Ready

The Milex franchise originated as Milex Tune-Up and Brake in 1967, becoming Milex Complete Auto Care in 2006. Milex specializes in all aspects of mechanical repair and can perform factory-recommended maintenance and general auto repairs without voiding your new car warranty.


Milex Complete Auto Care is committed to helping you fix the silent signs your car has a problem to prevent it from breaking down. Make sure to keep your car running smoothly by keeping up with regular maintenance. Click here to find a Milex Complete Auto Care location near you.


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