How To Prevent Brake Failure

April 21, 2024

How To Prevent Brake Failure

Keeping your brakes in prime condition is a critical safety measure to avoid accidents and enjoy a smooth ride. Learn the steps you need to take to prevent brake failure.


Your brakes slow or stop your car by applying friction to the wheels. The system is activated when you press the brake pedal, which compresses the hydraulic fluid in the brake lines and activates the brake pads. This action creates friction against the rotors or drums, slowing down the wheel's rotation and, consequently, the vehicle itself. This process is crucial for safe stopping and requires each component to be in good working order.

While the majority of accidents are caused by human error, an average of 45,000 accidents per year are caused by a vehicle malfunction, likely due to poor maintenance. Every time you get behind the wheel, your safety, along with the safety of others, depends significantly on the reliability of your car's braking system.  


Regular Maintenance for Optimal Brake Condition

To ensure your brakes remain in good condition, take your car to Milex Complete Auto Care. We have more than 50 years of experience helping people get their cars road ready. Our technicians will check your brake pads for signs of wear and tear. Most car manufacturers recommend replacing brake pads once they wear down to less than a quarter of an inch or every 30,000 to 80,000 miles.


Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated with water, reducing its effectiveness and potentially leading to brake failure. As part of our brake service, we’ll check your brake fluid and change it on your vehicle manufacturer’s timeline. We’ll also make sure the brake lines are free from leaks or damage, as this can lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure and brake failure.


Rotors can become warped or worn over time, especially if you experience a lot of stop-and-go traffic or frequently come to abrupt stops. We’ll inspect them to identify if they need to be resurfaced or replaced to maintain braking efficiency. 


Signs Your Brakes Might Need Attention

Several signs indicate your brakes may need servicing:

  • Squealing or grinding noises: These sounds can indicate worn brake pads or rotors.
  • Soft brake pedal: If the brake pedal feels soft or sinks to the floor, it may indicate a leak in the brake system or air in the brake lines.
  • Vibrations: Pulsing or vibrations when braking can be a sign of warped rotors.
  • Pulling: If your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, it could indicate uneven brake pad wear or issues with the brake fluid.


What To Do If Your Brakes Fail?

Brake failures, while not exceedingly common thanks to modern engineering and safety standards, can still occur, especially if regular maintenance is neglected. The risk of experiencing a brake failure increases significantly with the age of the brake components and the driving conditions they are subjected to.


In the unlikely event of a brake failure, here are the steps to take:

  • Stay calm and slowly remove your foot from the accelerator.
  • Pump the brake pedal to try and build up enough pressure to activate the brakes.
  • Apply the emergency brake gently but firmly to avoid locking up the rear wheels.
  • Use your turn signals or hazards to alert other drivers and carefully move your vehicle to a safe location.


Milex’s Competitive Advantage

For your brake maintenance and repair needs, Milex’s technicians are highly trained in all aspects of brake maintenance and repair, ensuring your vehicle receives the best possible care. We offer a full range of brake services, from inspections and fluid changes to pad replacements and more. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering transparent services and explaining all necessary repairs before any work is done.


Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to quality and reliability. We use only the highest quality parts and fluids, ensuring your brakes are always in top condition. With Milex, you can drive confidently, knowing your vehicle's brakes are ready for whatever the road throws your way.


Get Your Car Road Ready
Stay up-to-date on your car maintenance. Brake at a Milex near you to keep your car running smoothly for the long haul.

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