July 26, 2023

Make a Pitstop at Milex Before You Head to the Woods


Life is better in the woods! Before you embark on your upcoming car camping expedition, make a pit stop at Milex Complete Auto Care to guarantee your vehicle is fully prepared for conditions off the beaten path.

Make memories with your family one campfire at a time. Camping allows you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors to appreciate and reconnect with nature. You can breathe in fresh air, enjoy beautiful landscapes, and experience the serenity of natural surroundings. It provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and allows you to recharge by unplugging technology, casting away deadlines, and alleviating stress. Whether it's hiking, fishing, swimming, wildlife spotting, or stargazing, there is always something to do and explore. Camping encourages physical activity and offers opportunities for new experiences and challenges.

Bring Your Car to Milex

Between stocking a first aid kit and collecting sleeping bags, it’s crucial not to neglect your vehicle. Your car not only ensures you’ll arrive at your location safely, but it provides a respite from the heat, a reliable method to recharge mobile phones, and enables you to refill bike tires or blow-up inner tubes.

Milex recommends bringing your car in for maintenance before hitting the open road. Milex technicians can top off fluids, replace filters, and ensure your windshield wipers are up for the challenge. Our technicians can also check if your battery has enough charge to last in the wild.

Car Camping Tips

While your crew might not be ready for a cross-country backpacking adventure, car camping is a great way to begin exploring the outdoors. A weekend in the woods requires careful planning to be successful. Pack the right supplies and provisions to satisfy your campers. Here are some tips to ensure your camping trip goes off without a hitch.

  • Location, location, location. Reserve a campsite in a low-traffic site with amenities such as bathrooms and showers. You’ll want a site that’s easy to unload to maximize relaxation time. When you book the site, pay attention to online pictures and reviews to make an informed decision. If you bring the youngsters, find a campground with amenities they’ll enjoy, such as easy hiking trails or water access.
  • Unpack and set up carefully. When you arrive at your campsite, having your supplies in your car will make unloading easier. Pick the site for your tent carefully. You’ll want a location that’s level and free of rocks. Pay attention to drainage so you don’t wake up in a pool of water after an unexpected nighttime downpour.
  • Plan a simple menu. Plan your menu carefully. Bring food that is easy to fix on a camp stove or open flame. Meal prep can help alleviate some of the hassles of outdoor cooking, and s’mores are always crowd-pleasers. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are in an area with bears, store your food in bear boxes or inside your locked car to prevent unwelcome visitors.
  • Focus on safety. You should have a well-stocked first aid kit handy. Have plenty of headlamps and flashlights for late-night bathroom breaks or nighttime exploring. Pack dry shampoo and hand sanitizer to stay clean between showers.
  • Don’t neglect the extras. Being able to turn off your cell phone is one of the perks of car camping. But make sure you have some fun supplies to pass the time. Board games, cards, art supplies, and reading materials are key.

Visit Milex

For the last 50 years, we’ve helped customers get ready for summer adventures by providing general automotive care and maintenance. Bring your car to Milex before your camping trip to prevent any problems from cropping up to ruin your adventure.



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