Matt Crouch

April 1, 2024

Franchising Gives Family of Veterans a New Mission

At the Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care location in Kansas City, Missouri, auto repair is a family affair. Matthew Crouch and his family exemplify how military veterans can successfully transition to franchise ownership.

Military Background: A Foundation for Success
Matthew Crouch, his father Russell, and his brother Mason focus on the dedication and discipline they honed as members of the United States Marine Corps to succeed as entrepreneurs. All three served our country with distinction. Matthew enlisted at moran18, attending the Naval Academy as a midshipman before being commissioned into the Marines in 2000. His career as a naval aviator took him on multiple deployments to Iraq, where he flew casualty evacuation missions during critical operations, including the second battle for Fallujah. Matthew retired as a Lt. Colonel, having also served as a strategist at the Pentagon and spent time overseas in Shanghai, China, and Korea.

Russell, who handles the location’s finances, and Mason, who serves as store manager, bring their own military experiences to the table. Their time in the service instilled in them a sense of leadership, teamwork, and the importance of operational excellence — traits that are invaluable in entrepreneurship.

Transitioning to Franchise Ownership
The Crouch family turned to franchising to build a legacy and contribute positively to their community. The automotive industry, which focuses on service and reliability, presented the perfect opportunity. They took over an existing auto repair shop in December 2022 and converted it into a Mr. Transmission/Milex franchise, marking the brand's first location in Missouri.

“The automotive industry is a space that we felt suited to the important values we learned in the military: dedication, hard work, and service to others,” Matthew Crouch said.

The structured environment of auto repair franchising, with its established systems and procedures, mirrors the organizational framework they were accustomed to in the military. This familiarity, coupled with their innate leadership skills and ability to operate under pressure, has positioned them for success in their entrepreneurial journey.

Support from Moran Family of Brands
Moran Family of Brands is the franchisor of six brands in the aftermarket auto and window tinting industry, including Mr. Transmission, Milex Complete Auto Care, and Turbo Tint. We recognize the value and potential of veteran entrepreneurs. We’re committed to giving back to our veterans and helping them transition into civilian life with rewarding business opportunities. Qualified veterans can receive a one-time discount of $6,750 toward the initial franchise fee. The accessibility of the Moran operations team and their willingness to engage with franchisees on business challenges was particularly valuable.

“We felt Moran had the attitude and integrity we needed in a business partner,” Matthew Crouch said.

Their co-branded location offers a comprehensive range of automotive and transmission repair services. With their military background emphasizing process management, training, and prioritization, they’ve implemented these skills into their business operations.

The Crouch family is also committed to integrating their business into the fabric of the Kansas City community. They planned to sponsor local school sports and collaborate with churches, offering their services at reduced rates to support local fleets. Their community-focused approach showcases their service-oriented mindset, honed through years of military service.

Find Your Mr. Transmission/Milex Location
Our individually owned and operated locations have skilled mechanics to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Visit Milex or Mr. Transmission to find a location near you.

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