April 7, 2017




As the seasons change from winter to spring, pollen is becoming more and more prevalent. With this comes many different problems: allergies, yellow windshields and — one problem you might not expect — dirty air filters. According to the technicians at Milex Complete Auto Care, people are often unaware their air filters are dirty until they start causing issues in their vehicles. So the question becomes: how important is it to change the filters in your car? Here is your guide to knowing when, how and why to change your filters.

What are air filters?

Air filters are important for keeping you and your car healthy. There are two types of air filters. Each work differently to ensure a healthier car. The type of filter determines how often and when you should change it. The first type is the engine air filter. This is the filter that protects your engine. It stops air pollutants like dust and pollen from getting into the engine and affecting how the car runs. The other type is the cabin air filter, this one protects the passengers of the car. It ensures that dirty air does not get through the air conditioning vents so the air that passengers are breathing is clean.

When and why to change air filters

With the increase in pollen that comes in the spring, now is the ideal time to have your air filters changed at your local Milex. If you change filters before the surge of pollen, then your car will be prepared to handle it when the dustings of yellow become more widespread. Engine air filters get very dirty and they need to be changed annually. Each time the oil is changed, the engine air filter should be checked to ensure that it is still doing its job. Cabin air filters do not need to be changed as often. Refer to your owner’s manual for an exact estimate of when it should be changed, but it can generally be replaced about every 15,000 miles.

How to change filters

Now that you have a better idea of what air filters are and when you should change them, you can begin thinking about how you can get them changed. There are a lot of different options for changing a filter. You can either choose to do it yourself or you can take your car to a shop and have it done. Either way, you should get a basic understanding of how to change your filters. Look in your car’s owner’s manual to figure out the filter’s location and details about it. This will help you understand what is happening in your car, even if you get it changed by a professional. Also, if your mechanic tells you that you need to get your filter changed, ask to see the filter and compare it to a clean one to ensure that it is actually time to get it changed.

Pollen season can be annoying for you and your vehicle, but if you take the initiative to make sure your air filters are clean, then you will have one less thing to worry about during this time of year. Visit your local Milex today to get your car’s air filters ready for spring!



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