December 6, 2017



Engine Light

With each new light on the dash, we hold our breath as the thought of expensive bills flashes through our minds. As a car owner, preventative engine maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle healthy and your wallet happy. Although it’s not always black and white when it comes to our finely tuned machines, technicians at Milex Complete Auto Care share some of the more obvious signs that your vehicle may be experiencing engine damage.

Check Engine Light

You may be patiently waiting in the carpool line when an immediate anxious moment hits every vehicle owner; your check engine light illuminates. We all know that dreadful feeling when our stomach sinks and we can only hope the light is informing us of a loose gas cap. As unnerving as it may be, an illuminated check engine light is a useful tool to inform you of potential engine trouble. Although issues may range in severity, it is always a good idea to have your vehicle serviced for preventative measures by a reputable auto shop.

Jerky Driving
Other than aggravating potholes, driving your vehicle should be a relatively smooth operation. If your vehicle often jerks or stalls, it could be a sign of engine trouble caused by clogged fuel lines, bad spark plugs, or any number of things. Take your care to get inspected before it causes a problem for you on the road or fails to start.

Smoke Show
If your engine is producing an excessive amount of smoke, whether white or black, it is most likely a sign of engine trouble. Smoke coming from your vehicle can be caused by many different things such as a cracked cylinder head, blown head gasket, or even a clogged air filter. However, it is important to note that small amounts of smoke coming from your vehicle are often normal.

What’s that Sound?
From the start up squeal to the grinding noise that appears when you make a right turn, most car owners are quite familiar with their vehicle’s day-to-day noises. Although our vehicles sometimes have a mind of their own, it’s important to listen for abnormal rattling, screeching, knocking, and hissing. Unpleasant and questionable sounds are often tell-tale signs of potential engine damage.

Strange Odors
Much like odd sounds, strange smells coming from your vehicle may be a cry for attention. Forget the dirty dog smell and stench from leftover fast food — focus on particular odors such as rotten eggs, gasoline, burnt rubber, hot oil, or even sweet syrup. You may want to head to an auto shop if your vehicle doesn’t pass the sniff test!

If your vehicle is presenting any of these symptoms, it is recommended you have your vehicle serviced. The trusted professionals at Milex Complete Auto Care can help you identify what might be causing the above so that you can continue to drive safely. And, of course, we also recommend that you stop in periodically for routine automotive service so that you prevent any issues and avoid nerve-racking moments on the road from the start!




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