August 21, 2015




Most people can agree that brakes are the most important feature of a car. They are vital to your safety, but do you know how to detect the signs of failing brakes? Here is a close look at some of the signs that may indicate brake failure in your automobile:

Strange noises
If you hear a screeching or grinding sound while braking, your brakes need attention. The most likely cause is that the pads are worn and need to be replaced. It is important to do this as soon as possible because it can lead to further damage requiring more expensive repairs.
“If you hear a screeching or grinding sound while braking, your brakes need attention.”

A burning smell
The overpowering smell of your tires burning is troublesome. It is important to note that this is not normal and should be brought to the attention of an auto body professional immediately. This means your brakes are overheating and could lead to further damage to your vehicle.
Low brake pedal
This one can be a bit tricky to recognize because a brake pedal typically sinks over time. This itself is annoying, and having to press harder on the brake is dangerous. If your foot is hitting the floor when using your brake, or a small dent in the floor has emerged, getting your brakes checked by an auto body professional is a must.

If your car pulls to one side when braking, it means that something is wrong with your brakes. The most likely cause of this is maladjustment of the brakes and can be easily fixed by an auto body shop. Make sure that this happens when you are not holding the steering wheel, because a car can also pull due to wheel alignment. If you are hands-free and the car still pulls to one side, there is definitely a problem with your brakes.
A vibrating steering wheel may be a sign of brake damage.

Bad vibrations
If while holding the steering wheel you feel a vibration or the entire car starts shaking, it could mean your brakes are warped. Vibrations will mostly happen from the wheel, but they can also affect the whole car. This is an urgent problem, so if this happens to you regularly, it is best to stop in for an inspection at your local auto repair shop.

The brake light is on
If your dashboard lights up with a brake warning, it means the brake fluid is low. This could probably be the cause of a leaking part somewhere within the fluid system. It is best to get your brakes checked by an auto body shop if the brake light is on.

The brakes click when applied
All car manufacturers install a device that prevents any sound when pressure is applied to the brakes. If you hear a short click, then this indicates that the brake pads need to be replaced.
Brakes are without a doubt the most important part of a car. They are necessary for your safety, the passengers and the people who are on the road with you. If you are experiencing any of these indicators with your car, you should visit a local body shop. For more information on braking systems, visit Milex Complete Auto Care.



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