May 20, 2022

Simple Steps Help Save Money at the Pump


As gas prices reach record highs, service technicians at Milex Complete Auto Care have some tips to help you save money at the pump.


Reverberations from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are being felt across the globe. While Americans rally to support the Ukrainian citizens and rush to provide aid to help stem the humanitarian crisis, they are feeling the impact of the war on the home front. Economic sanctions imposed by Western countries are curbing Russian oil exports, causing the price of gasoline to soar.


The national average price of gasoline in the United States rose to $4.104 per gallon at the end of the first week of March, shattering the existing record, according to GasBuddy, a fuel savings platform. The previous all-time high was set back in 2008 at $4.103 per gallon, ahead of the Great Recession and housing crisis.


“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine paired with sanctions by the U.S. has had some effects on the global oil market,” said Tiffany Wright, a spokesperson from AAA — The Auto Club Group in the Carolinas, in a statement. “Motorists are definitely experiencing the ripple effect of things at the pump with prices steadily increasing.”

The squeeze at the pump also comes as Americans were already feeling the brunt of inflation with higher prices across the board. While the average American can’t do much to stem rising gas prices, Milex has some tricks of the trade to help prevent you from feeling pinched at the pump.


Slow Down! Driving the speed limit will help you conserve gas. Now is not the time to rev the engine and peel out when the light turns green. Being gentle on the brakes and avoiding sudden stops and fast starts will help a tank of gas last longer. Turning on the cruise control on the highway will help you keep your speed steady.


No Idling. Milex recommends turning off your car if you are going to sit for longer than 60 seconds. Prolonged idling, including warming up the car during the cold weather months or sitting in the school pickup line, can burn a hole in your pocket when gas prices are high.


Pump It Up. Under-inflated tires reduce fuel economy and are dangerous as well. Tires low on air also wear more rapidly, impacting how the car handles and increasing the risk of a flat. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure your tires are inflated to the maximum PSI.


Find a Deal. Finding a gas station with the lowest price no longer involves driving around looking at signage. There are a number of apps available that track gas prices in your local community. When your car needs a fill-up, simply open the app and find the station with the best deal. Many grocery store chains offer loyalty card discounts at the pump, and some credit cards offer cash-back programs for added savings.


Limit Time on the Road. Plan ahead before you hit the road. While cutting out your daily commute or picking up the kids from school may not be an option, you can limit the time you spend in your car by planning ahead. Make a grocery list for the week so you don’t have to run out to buy milk. Pick up your dog from the groomers at the same time as your weekly dry cleaning.


Choose Wisely. If you have a large SUV and a compact sedan in your garage, pick the vehicle that has the best gas mileage to run your errands. It may be more fun to hit the open road in your convertible, but it’s not the best option for saving money on gas.


“Paying high prices at the pump is a hardship. Our service technicians are committed to helping customers save money where they can by providing a one-stop-shop for all of your car care needs,” said Pete Baldine, President of Moran Family of Brands, the franchisor of six brands in the aftermarket auto and window tinting industry, including Milex Complete Auto Care.


Several Mr. Transmission/Milex owners have been interviewed about this topic after the jump in gas prices in March. Here are a few examples:


Jason Kuriger of Mr. Transmission/Milex in Crest Hill, Illinois was interviewed by Good Day Chicago on Fox 32. You can watch the video HERE.


Bob Bauer of Mr. Transmission/Milex in Wilsonville, Oregon shared tips to save on gas mileage with KOIN-TV in Portland. You can watch the interview HERE.


The experts at Milex Complete Auto Care are here to help you keep your car in prime condition and save money on gas. To find a Milex near you, visit

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