July 30, 2019

Three Ways Your Car is Trying to Tell You Something



Sometimes people talk to their cars.  It is often when there is a problem with the vehicle’s performance or an emergency on the road.  Those comments can be loud and not always pleasant.

As odd as it may sound, you do want to make sure your relationship with your car isn’t one-sided. There are times in which your car also talks to you. If you listen and look carefully, your car is often trying to tell you something.

Sometimes your car seems like it is screaming at you. If your car shakes wildly, makes loud noises when you drive, or leaks everywhere, those are clear messages that you should check it checked as soon as possible.

There are other times your car talks to you, and what it says isn’t always obvious. For those cases, here is a car translation guide.

Your car has trouble accelerating.

If your car occasionally has trouble accelerating, but otherwise, it’s driving fine, it may raise a few flags but not cause you to immediately come in for service.  It is important you don’t forget about it. There’s a chance something could be wrong, possibly with your transmission. That said, it may be something more innocuous (but still serious), such as a problem with the mass air flow sensor. Either way, you don’t want to put this off.

If you’re having trouble accelerating, bring your car in to Mr. Transmission or Milex Complete Auto Care. We’ll be happy to check your car out and let you know if there is a problem.

Your car is making unusual sounds.

This can also confuse car owners because not all odd sounds mean your vehicle is in trouble. For instance, some cars will make little noises after you turn off the ignition, and it’s perfectly normal, like a cooling fan in the engine shutting off.

But other sounds are not so normal.  A good rule of thumb is that if your car is making a consistent, unusual, noise that you don’t remember hearing before, bring it in to get it checked out.  Examples of sounds to pay attention to are the squealing or grinding of brakes.  If you hear that sound, it often means your car is telling you that you need new brakes.

Another example of a sound to focus on can be when your engine gets louder when you accelerate. It can be a sign that your vehicle is working too hard. There may be an exhaust leak which needs to be fixed.

If you don’t get an exhaust leak fixed, it can consume more fuel and eventually your car could start vibrating (which means the leak is getting bigger). That could lead to needing to replace your catalytic converter, which is much more costly.

Your car smells different.

If you smell something that seems like burnt paper, or anything burning, you should drop by Milex Complete Auto Care right away. This type of smell may mean the clutch needs to be replaced, there is an electrical problem or burning oil.

If your car smells moldy, it could be that the cabin air filter needs changing. While less urgent, that is a good time to check on the last time you had it replaced and schedule a time to get a new filter.

Although the times in which are cars make noises, don’t perform well or have troubling smells can be concerning, they can also be helpful.  They are trying to tell us of some warning signs that we need to address as soon as possible.  Many times if we take care of that immediately, it can save us from major problems down the road.

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