March 1, 2021

Top-Quality Brake Replacement Benefits Vehicle


Don’t be lured in by repair shops offering discount brake service. Getting a good brake job will extend the life of your vehicle and save you money on repair costs in the long run.

While you want your car to run smoothly when you step on the gas, it’s just as important for your car to stop properly when you hit the brakes. The leading cause of car crashes in the United States is distracted driving and weather, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Safety Administration reported. However, about 22 percent of crashes caused by vehicle-related problems are due to faulty brakes. The experts at Milex Complete Auto Care recommend staying on top of brake maintenance to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle and keep you safe on the roads.

How Brakes Work
The brakes function by absorbing energy from a moving system to stop motion. When you press on the brake pedal in a car, the brake pads apply friction to the rotors to stop the vehicle. There are numerous parts involved in this process, including calipers, wheel cylinders, and various other hardware. With so many working parts, getting your brakes inspected as part of your regular car maintenance will ensure all the moving parts are working properly to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Signs My Brakes Need a Checkup
The most common part of your brakes that need to be regularly replaced are your brake pads. Applying friction to your rotors causes the brake pads to wear out over time. The amount of time it takes for your brake pads to wear out depends on how you drive and the quality of the pads in your car. If you commute to work in a high-traffic area, your brake pads will need to be replaced sooner than someone who lives in the country. Here are some signs it may be time to get your brakes inspected.

  • Grinding, squealing, or screeching when you press the brakes
  • Takes longer to stop
  • Brake pedal vibrates or pulses when you press it
  • Burning smell when driving
  • Brake indicator light illuminates

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Having a trustworthy mechanic will help save you money and ensure you are receiving top-quality service, particularly when it comes to brake maintenance. Most car owners have to get their brake pads replaced several times over the life of their vehicle. Simple brake repair costs start at $500, according to the American Automobile Association. Shoddy repair shops try and capitalize on this necessity by luring customers in with low-cost service. It can be tempting to pick a shop with deep discounts, but you may end up paying more in the long run.


Discount shops often install generic parts or upcharge for extras that come standard at a reputable mechanic. They may try and sell you ceramic brake pads because they reportedly last longer than traditional options. High-cost ceramic brake pads are a good option if you do a lot of hauling, but regular passenger cars work fine with lower-cost organic brake pads. Reports reveal some discount shops even take advantage of customers by selling them generic rotors at premium prices.


One way to ensure you are getting stellar service is to request a written estimate, according to the North Carolina Consumers Council. The consumer awareness and education resource also recommends asking to see the packaging to ensure you are not getting charged premium prices for a generic product.


Milex Complete Auto Care makes it a priority to use the best parts and charge a fair price for its service. For more than 50 years, Milex Complete Auto Care is the source for general automotive repair and maintenance, specializing in all aspects of mechanical repair. The professionals with Milex pride themselves on creating customer experiences that result in satisfaction and loyalty.


If you think it may be time to get your brakes replaced, visit Milex Complete Auto Care to find a location to get the job done right.

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