January 26, 2023

Top Signs You May Need Transmission Repair


Be aware of the signs that your transmission needs repair to start scouting out the right repair shop and put money aside to get the job done.


As your car ages, staying current on regular maintenance can help limit unexpected repairs. Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care can help you stay abreast of maintenance and fix problems as they arise. While rotating the tires and changing the oil solves basic issues when your car is new, your vehicle will require more intensive repair as the miles tick up. Whether it’s changing the shocks or struts, replacing the timing belt, or installing a new car battery, older cars are going to need some fixes along the way.


What is the Transmission?

The transmission is your car’s gearbox. It controls how much power is transferred to the wheels. Today, most car transmissions are comprised of five or six gears that change automatically as a car accelerates and decelerates. Automatic transmissions have built-in tools to change gears, which helps alleviate the chances of human error. Some people still prefer the control of a vehicle with a manual transmission. Transmissions help decrease fuel consumption and prevent the engine from getting overloaded.


The transmission is one of your automobile's most complicated and critical components. Fixing a transmission requires specialized training and skill. The average automatic transmission in modern cars can be expected to last up to 200,000 miles, but many last longer with proper care. A new transmission ranges in price between $2,900 and $7,100, according to Kelley Blue Book.


Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Because rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be costly and requires a highly trained mechanic, it’s important to look out for signs your transmission might be on the fritz so you can be prepared.


Gear slippage. A vehicle's automatic transmission should change gears on its own as you slow down and speed up. If you notice any problems with the car changing gears, it’s time to visit a mechanic. The most obvious sign of a problem is if the car feels like it is slipping out of gear. Another warning sign is if your car feels like it isn’t kicking into gear at the normal time. If your car shakes as it changes gears, that’s also a cause for concern and should be reported to a mechanic.


Burning smell. If you notice a burning smell, it’s likely your transmission fluid is degraded and needs to be flushed to prevent damage to the engine.


Fluid leak. If your car is leaking a reddish-brown liquid, it’s likely to be transmission fluid. Low transmission fluid can lead to failure if the problem isn’t fixed in a timely manner.


Strange noise. Turn down the music every once and a while and listen to your car as you drive. Any humming, whining, or clunking could be a bad sign. If you hear a strange noise coming from under the hood, it’s time to pay a visit to your local co-branded Milex/Mr. Transmission to get our mechanics to take a closer look.


Check-engine light. Most new vehicles have advanced warning systems to alert owners that there may be a problem. A faulty transmission should trigger the check-engine light to come on — don’t ignore it. When the light comes on, there’s an easy way to diagnose the cause. An OBD-II reader is available for purchase at most auto part supply stores. The reader will run a quick diagnostic and provide a code to tell you what’s wrong with your vehicle to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit the mechanic to fix the problem.


Visit Your Local Mr. Transmission/Milex

For more than 66 years, Mr. Transmission has been helping older cars stay on the road. It is one of the largest automotive transmission franchises in the United States. Mr. Transmission joined the Moran Family of Brands umbrella in 1990, and our co-branded Milex/Mr. Transmission locations provide customers with a one-stop shop designed to cover all your car care needs.


If you are seeing signs your transmission may need repair, schedule an appointment at your local Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care today.

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