May 4, 2021

What is Computer Diagnostics?


Is one of your dashboard lights on but you are not sure what is wrong with your vehicle? Bring your vehicle to your local Mr. Transmission Milex Complete Auto Care for our Computer Diagnostic Service.


What is Computer Diagnostics?

Computer Diagnostics is when our mechanics connect our state-of-the-art equipment to your vehicle to scan your vehicle’s computer to help find any internal issues that are happening within your car. A car diagnostic can tell a mechanic information about different parts of the vehicle such as: ignition timing issues, fuel injector performance, engine rpm levels, levels of buildup in the combustion engine, air and coolant temperature, whether the ignition coils are firing, and more. Once the diagnostic test is completed, the computer codes each data point that needs to be fixed, so that mechanics can look at a specific area of your vehicle for the possible problem. Computer diagnostic scans are the first step when diagnosing your vehicle.


Why do we use Computer Diagnostics?

Sometimes vehicle problems may seem to be one thing, but after a computer diagnostic, it turns out to be something completely different. Most vehicles have about 30,000 parts in them and computer diagnostics help mechanics localize and figure out where the problem is in your vehicle. Some internal issues are not easily seen or could take hours to find out many possible problems. Computer diagnostics help stream line what our mechanics should look at first when determining what the problem might be with your vehicle and how to resolve it. Vehicles are becoming more and more computer controlled and the technology inside has become increasingly sophisticated over the years and computer diagnostics are one way that mechanics can keep up with the ever changing technology in our vehicles.


Next time one of your dashboard lights illuminates, give your local Mr. Transmission/Milex a call to schedule your vehicle for our Computer Diagnostic Service.

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