June 15, 2022

Keep Car Cool During Hot Summer Weather



Hot summer weather can do a number on your car. As temperatures start to climb, Milex Complete Auto Care recommends taking some extra precautions to get your car ready to take the heat.


The dog days of summer are right around the corner, and the United States is expected to enter another summer of La Niña conditions. During a La Niña weather pattern, strong winds blow warm water at the ocean’s surface from South America to Indonesia, leading to drier conditions in many parts of the United States during the summer months. La Niña is also associated with an active hurricane season in the fall. Forecasters predict temperatures this summer will be hotter than average from the northern Rockies into the northern and central Plains and upper Mississippi Valley, according to Sweltering temperatures are predicted to hit the northeastern part of the country in August.


To keep your car running efficiently during hot weather, it’s important to be prepared. Milex is the source for general automotive repair and maintenance, specializing in all aspects of mechanical repair. Our expert technicians are trained to perform diagnostic and general repair services on all makes and models, as well as conduct factory-recommended maintenance services. We can provide routine maintenance to get your car ready to hit the open road this summer. Keeping up with regular car maintenance can prevent costly repairs and will reduce wear and tear on the engine.


Milex is part of Moran Family of Brands, a leader in the aftermarket automotive and window tinting industry. Moran franchises six different brands, including Milex, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint.


Tips to Stay Cool on the Road

Aside from regular maintenance, there are some tricks of the trade you can do on your own to get your car prepped for summer fun. Take a look at some cost-effective ways to help your car withstand the high temperatures.


Top Up Coolant. Coolant helps keep your engine from overheating. Checking to see whether you need to top off your coolant is an easy process. Coolant is stored in a plastic container with markers to show you the appropriate level. If your coolant is low, check your car’s owner’s manual to make sure you top it off with the right type of coolant.


Add Window Tinting. Installing window tinting is an easily accessible and affordable method for keeping your car cool. Adding window tint can reduce heat by up to 60%. Moran’s Turbo Tint brand offers window tinting packages starting at $229, and they can be installed in one hour or less. Customers can pick a window tint package and book an appointment online.


Use a Window Visor. Taking time to put up a window visor after parking your car can help reflect sunlight and prevent your air conditioning from having to kick into high gear when you return. Using a sunshade helps keep your dashboard and seats from fading and can even prolong the life of your car’s electronics.


Crack Your Windows. If you are in a safe area, cracking your windows can help keep your car cool by venting out hot air. Make sure you know the forecast — water from a summer rainstorm is not a good method for cooling down the interior of your vehicle!


Find a Shady Spot. Try and park your car in a shady spot when you are out and about this summer. Remember to consider the timing when you find a coveted spot in the shade. Your parking spot might be shady in the morning but receive direct sunlight later in the day. Milex recommends parking your car in a covered garage whenever possible to help keep it cool.


Install a Solar Fan. Consider investing in a solar fan. Solar-powered car fans are designed to fit on a car window and are available for less than $50 online. Fans serve a dual purpose by helping with cooling and ventilation, such as eliminating odors from pets or tobacco.


Moran is committed to helping you enjoy your summer on the open road. Click here to find a Milex Complete Auto Care location near you or visit our home page to learn about Moran’s other brands.

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