June 1, 2022

Top Tips to Identify an Auto Mechanic You Can Trust


Finding a trustworthy mechanic can keep your car running smoothly and help prop up its resale value.


Keeping your car properly maintained and serviced will help extend the life of your vehicle and prevent breakdowns. As interest rates continue to climb and make trading in for a new model cost-prohibitive, getting timely repairs and staying up-to-date on maintenance will ensure your vehicle remains in prime condition. Even with regular maintenance, as the miles rise on the odometer, the likelihood you will encounter a problem increases. Some of the top car repairs are new tires, brake work, battery replacement, and engine tune-up, according to the Car Care Council, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of proper vehicle care.


Despite just under 284 million cars on the road in the United States, only a small percentage of people have a solid understanding of what happens under the hood of their vehicle. Many people are fearful their lack of knowledge may result in being overcharged for repairs. Finding the right mechanic requires research and due diligence to ensure you have a positive experience.


Get a Trusted Recommendation. One of the best ways to find a trustworthy mechanic is to get a recommendation from a close relative or friend.


Check Their Credentials. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, tests and certifies automotive professionals. Customers who choose ASE-certified professionals have the assurance their mechanic completed in-depth testing to prove they have the skills required to complete repairs. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if the repair shop you are considering is accredited and to see if the business has a record of complaints.


Read Online Reviews. Any mechanic shop worth its salt will have plenty of positive online reviews. When looking at reviews, remember that a single negative review should not discount the business. People are often more likely to write up a bad review if they have a complaint and a single bad review only represents one customer’s opinion. The time to be concerned is when you start to notice a pattern of low-star reviews.


Ask the Right Questions. When you make an appointment at a mechanic, take some time to ask some questions to determine if the shop meets your expectations. Find out how long they’ve been in business to make sure they have experience and a history of success. Taking your car to an experienced mechanic can save you time and money.


Find out if they have experience repairing your make and model, as some repair shops specialize in certain types of cars. Make sure the shop has access to an online database and computer diagnostics to reference for repairs, and don’t hesitate to ask where they source their parts, particularly if you have an opinion on the brands they are going to use. It’s always a good idea to ask for a written estimate of service before the repair begins and find out how much they charge for labor per hour.


Take a Test Drive. If possible, secure a reliable mechanic before you need a big repair. You can test out a shop's customer service and get a feel for their expertise by taking the car in for simple maintenance, such as an oil change or tire alignment.


One-Stop-Shop. A good mechanic, such as Milex Complete Auto Care, offers a laundry list of services and is a one-stop-shop for all of your car repair and maintenance needs. Milex Complete Auto Care is one of seven aftermarket auto and window tinting brands under the Moran Family of Brands umbrella. Milex has more than 50 years of experience helping customers get from Point A to Point B and offers affordable auto repair services, accurate estimates, comprehensive repairs, convenient appointments, and certified technicians.


Pay a Visit to Your Local Milex

If it’s time to do preventative maintenance or your car needs a repair from a trustworthy mechanic, the experts at Milex Complete Auto Care are here to help. To find a Milex near you, visit

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