August 9, 2018



If you’ve thought many times about starting a business but quickly dismissed the idea, there are probably some logical reasons holding you back.  Fear of failure, having the proper guidance and being able to market and sell your product or service could all be reasons why you hesitate in starting your own business.

One possible solution to overcoming many of these fears is by looking into franchising.

That is, running a business that is part of a regional or nationwide company. As you presumably know, McDonald’s is a franchise. So is Subway, Ace Hardware and Circle K. In fact, there are over 3,000 types of franchise brands in a wide range of industries.

When you own a franchise, you’re the business owner – but it’s a little similar to being a condominium owner. In that situation, you own the property and have a lot of leeway in how you live there, but you have to follow the basic rules of the condo community. Which is fine. The rules are why people like to move into these communities.

Being a franchise owner is similar. You own your business, but you have to follow the basic rules of the franchise system. And many business owners love the rules. The rules, or formula, is what increases the odds that the business will be a success.

Here at Moran Family of Brands, we have a developed a very successful formula for our franchise owners, whether it be with Milex Complete Auto CareMr. Transmission or Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters.  We also offer co-branded franchise ownership opportunities to run two businesses in one location.

Now, sure, a lot of franchises will say that they have a successful formula, and many do. But we think we can make a strong case for joining the Moran Family of Brands.

For instance, when you join the Moran family, you get…

Instant credibility with customers. This is obviously a major attraction for any brand. If you go into a McDonald’s or Subway, you know what you’re going to get. But the stakes are much higher when you’re talking auto care versus what sandwich you’re going to have for lunch. People sometimes like experimenting with a restaurant. If it doesn’t turn out well, maybe they’ve wasted $5, or $12.

But if your car is making a clunking sound, and you’re worried that something is seriously wrong? Or maybe your car is humming along just fine, but you want to keep it that way? People tend to not just blindly go to any mechanic they can find. They’re choosy. They go somewhere they trust. And Moran franchise owners have worked hard over the years to build that trust with our customers. If you become part of the Moran family, you immediately gain that stellar reputation the moment you put up our signage and open your doors. If you make your customers happy, you’re going to keep them.

Access to a network of people who have encountered the problems you’re experiencing. Every business runs into some sort of trouble – a dip in customers, or difficulty with scheduling employees or whatever you can imagine. When you run into these issues as a stand-alone business owner, you tackle them alone. If this happens as a Moran Family of Brands franchise owner, you can get virtually instant access to numerous other franchise owners who have seen this exact problem many times over and will be more than happy to help you.

As a new franchisee, will be assigned with an experienced owner in the system who you can turn to immediately – and who will be happy to coach you, discuss challenges, share best practices and offer advice.

In other words, when you’re part of the Moran Family, you are never alone.

The ability to save money. Buying into any franchise involves a financial investment. There’s no pretending otherwise. But there are financial advantages that come with investing in a franchise beyond having an incredible brand that attracts customers through your doors. For instance, when you belong to Moran Family of Brands, you’re part of a company that has a lot of buying power behind it, which means we can make supply deals that smaller businesses can’t make. Because of the volume of items we’re purchasing, you’re going to get discounts that independent mechanics simply can’t get. And so your startup costs – and your maintenance expenses – are going to be dramatically reduced.

There are a lot of understandable reasons to be nervous about starting a new business.

But if you do want to go into business for yourself, if you feel it’s a calling and something you have to do, we hope you’ll consider doing it in one of the safest ways you can – as a franchise owner with Moran Family of Brands. Not only will we never hold you back – we’ll always have your back.

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