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Computer Diagnostics
Bradenton, FL

At Milex Complete Auto Care – Mr. Transmission in Bradenton, FL, we are the professional choice in the area when your vehicle needs computer diagnostics performed. We offer engine, computer, and pin testing, all done using state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Our ASE-certified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and can get to the bottom of any issue at hand.

Modern vehicles are equipped with highly intelligent computers that monitor your vehicle’s overall performance. When it detects that something has gone wrong with a critical system, you’ll see a warning light appear on your dashboard. We understand that the check engine light can be stressful to see pop up on your dashboard, which is where the experts here at Milex Complete Auto Care – Mr. Transmission come in to help.

The check engine light is an indication of an issue within the engine system. In order to better understand the issue behind the warning light, computer diagnostics are more than likely needed. Our computer diagnostics service consists of our professional technicians utilizing state-of-the-art scan tools to further understand the underlying problem. Our equipment plugs into your vehicle and allows us to see, test, monitor, any computer trouble codes.

Our computer diagnostics service follows the same procedures as the dealership, so you can be sure that you’re receiving accurate and honest results from our testing. We receive all of our information directly from the vehicle’s data stream in order to accurately pinpoint your vehicle’s system failure. Once we understand the reason behind the trouble code, which may require further testing and visual inspection, we can make service or repair recommendations that will restore your vehicle and get you back on the road.

Bring In Your Vehicle

When you bring your vehicle into our Auto Shop in Bradenton with an issue that requires diagnostics, initial check is at no charge if pin testing is needed we charge a rate per hour for our services. Once we find the issue, we actually will credit you the labor charge of our diagnostics services if you have the repair performed here at our shop. If you do choose our shop for your repairs, you can have peace of mind knowing that our work is backed by a nationwide warranty.

If you’re looking for vehicle computer diagnostics in Bradenton, FL, look no further than the professionals in the area here at Milex Complete Auto Care – Mr. Transmission. We invite you to give us a call with any questions or schedule an appointment for service using our online form today!

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