November 16, 2018



Some people think that if you’re a franchise owner, that’s it. You own one franchise, and you’re almost a glorified employee who works for the franchisor. You aren’t really a business owner. You can never grow your business. You just have one stand-alone store in the franchise network, and that’s it.

But that simply isn’t the case, as you may already know. Some franchise owners end up running businesses that operate and manage several different franchises. You could own a corporation that has five gas stations in a region, six restaurants and three clothing stores. No, it wouldn’t happen overnight, but the point is that some people do take that approach. Those people are often called master franchisees or area developers, and obviously, it takes a long time to get to that stage in one’s career, if you go that route. But the point is, being a franchise owner never means that you can’t grow and expand your business – and we take a lot of pride at Moran Family of Brands in making it attractive for franchise owners to do that.

What do we mean?  Here are a few ways being a Moran Family of Brands franchise owner allows you to grow your business.

You could own multiple units. First of all, as you may know, Moran Family of Brands has several brands within the company. Mr. Transmission specializes in repair and installation of a vehicle’s transmission systems and drivetrain components.  Milex provides customers with preventative maintenance services such as oil changes, brake repair, and radiator and cooling systems and engine repair along with a full range of diagnostic services.  Alta Mere offers a complete selection of aftermarket high tech automotive accessories and driver safety products.  It also specialize in exterior services such as custom, state-of-the-art window tinting and paint protection applications.


And if you want to buy one Alta Mere franchise and hang out with car enthusiasts and educate the car buying public all day (while actually running the business, of course) and that’s all you want to do – that’s fine. Great. Not a problem. Many, if not most, franchise owners feel that one franchise is enough.

But if you do want more than one franchise, and you dream of owning many franchises one day, well, you can do that, too. You could, for instance, own several Mr. Transmissions in a certain region. Obviously, they need to be spaced out far enough so that you don’t have two units within several miles, where you would risk cannibalizing your own sales. For instance, Albert and Serena Daniel have a Milex Complete Auto Care shop in Frederick, Maryland, and another, about 18 miles away in Boonsboro, Maryland. Close enough for them to oversee both, but far enough away that they’re benefiting from a customer base in both towns.

You can co-brand. Co-branding allows our entrepreneurs to grow their businesses even more. For instance, when the Daniels opened up their Milex in Boonsboro, they decided to open up a Milex/Alta Mere store. So they can branch out and not only offer everything a customer needs to fix their car, they also – with Alta Mere – can offer automotive window films, paint protection film, alarm systems, backup cameras, automotive safety accessories and much more.

In other words, under one roof, you can double your business by co-branding, and the more units you open, and the more you co-brand, the bigger the company’s footprint.

You will receive the support you need to grow faster. Obviously, every franchise says that their support will help franchise owners. In many or most cases, that’s true. Any good franchisor should be offering all the help they can to their franchisees – and many or most do. (You will hear stories sometimes of miserable franchise owners who don’t get much assistance from their franchisor, though, so you always want to do your research before buying into a franchise.)

Whether you have one franchise or several and co-brand, you’ll receive extensive support on everything from site selection and operations to marketing, hiring, technical support and comprehensive owner and manager training. And the more you learn about running one business, the easier it becomes to own two locations or three or more, and if you co-brand three locations, of course, you really have six businesses in your mini-empire.

So the bottom-line is – you can grow as much as you want, or keep your automotive business parked in one location. You’re the business owner, and we support you. It isn’t the other way around.

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