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Ac repair

Is your car’s AC not working properly anymore? The summer heat is not allowing your car to be comfortably cool? Well then you have come to the right place. Our air conditioning experts will have your vehicle’s AC working like new in no time. AC problems are very common for vehicles, much more common that the AC units we have at our homes. The reason that air conditioning is so problematic is just because of the way car AC’s work and the environment they are in.

Pollution hurts air conditioners

A major reason that air conditioners break down so often is that air conditioners use air from the outside. Now, we all know how dirty that air is. We are actually impressed at how long air conditioners are able to hold up. We have all had to clean the filters in the AC units at our homes and those things get dirty in a month or two. Those filters are just filtering the air from around the house. Your car’s AC, on the other hand, has to take in the air on the road. It has smoke from other cars in it, dust, and emissions as well. That’s why you need to get it services after every few months. If you don’t get AC maintenance done you will have to get AC repairs done.

AC Repairs

Bring In Your Vehicle

Gas issues

Your car is able to cool air because of the coolant gas inside it. The problem is that some of this gas is going to leak. This happens in very slight amounts – to the point that it is possible to go years without needing to do anything about it. Gas leaks only become a recurring issue in very old cars or in cars that are very poorly maintained. Gas issues are a normal part of AC repair and maintenance. If your AC throws air properly but the air isn’t cool enough it is most likely an issue with the coolant in the system. Putting gas in it should resolve the issue.

There are many other issues in ACs that we can fix. Our AC repair team is so experienced that we can generally tell you immediately what the problem might be. We have all the required equipment for AC repairs and we have the gases required as well.

Many people think that old air conditioners just aren’t able to work right and they keep driving vehicles with bad air conditioning. If your car is similar then you shouldn’t give up at all. Your air conditioning unit can indeed again perform like it used to when your car was new. All you have to do is get some maintenance and repairs done. As long as the unit is working properly and there is no gas leak issue, your AC will be able to provide proper cooling to your vehicle. No more needing to drive with the windows down, and no more avoiding driving when it is too hot out there.


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