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Fleet Services
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Fleet Services

Having a fleet of vehicles means having a fleet of trouble as well! Any company that has a fleet knows how many problems can come up. The only reason that your company has a fleet is because you need many vehicles. When those vehicles start going out of commission due to car trouble your business suffers. At the same time the costs of maintaining the fleet are often prohibitively expensive. If you take each car to the mechanic whenever a problem transpires you will quickly build up thousands of dollars’ worth of bills in the span of a month, which will hurt your profitability. That’s why you should look at our fleet services.

Designed around your needs

A fleet required fleet level services as well. That is why our fleet service program is perfectly designed around your needs. You don’t have to worry about making sure each of the vehicle runs properly – we will manage that. The contract between you and us will be for servicing the whole fleet. Thus you don’t have to worry about separate bills and costs for each of the vehicles. This makes fleet management a breeze for you.


Bring In Your Vehicle

Making sure your fleet 
keeps running

Our fleet services take into account the nature of your work to make sure that all your vehicles are in a proper shape. This means that we don’t just help you with repairs when needed – we also make sure that your vehicles don’t break down often. How do we do that? Simple – we manager the health of your cars with our expertise. We know what servicing vehicles need. We know how much they can be run before they need maintenance. We take all these factors into account to create a maintenance schedule for you that keeps your fleet going and going.


Lower Costs

You don’t just get more services and better management of your fleet – you also pay a lot less! When you bring the vehicles in individually the costs add up and reach astronomical heights. However when you acquire fleet services, the cost per vehicle goes down. It is similar to buying something wholesale. The seller isn’t making that much of a profit on one product but is making a profit on the whole sale. We operate the same way. Your charges will be much lower and we are happy with that, because overall we will be servicing many of your vehicles.


Services that you can depend on

We will keep records of your vehicles and make sure they are running fine. Our regular maintenance will ensure that your vehicles run it proper shape for a long time. We regularly check and change fluids, make small repairs, and check the engine health. This means that we find out little problems before they morph into big problems, which allows your cars to be repaired quickly and inexpensively.

If you want your fleet to be managed better, talk to us about fleet services. We would love to show you how we can manage your fleet better.


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