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We are experts when it comes to suspensions. We will have your vehicle running as perfectly as it did when you first bought it.

When it comes to suspensions, there’s no question about it – air suspension delivers the superior experience. That is why any high-end vehicle you buy will have air suspension installed. The suspension is something most people don’t think about, even though it has such profound effects on how a vehicle operates.

Here’s something you may have noticed – go over a bump in a normal car and the bump feels harsh. Go over the same bump in an expensive car and suddenly the bump isn’t harsh anymore. Good cars seem to just glide over such stuff. When you feel like your luxury car is just gliding along the road it isn’t just in your mind – that is the air suspension doing its job.

Since we mostly deal in vehicles that have been built to provide you the best riding and driving experience possible we know a lot about air suspension. Air suspensions are something that a normal mechanic may not even want to touch. There is a reason that this suspension system isn’t standard yet. It is a beautifully engineered system that requires expertise to service and repair. There are even mechanics who will tell you to just get it replaced with normal suspension. Do that only if you want your vehicle’s ride to be the same as the cheap cars on the market. If you want to maintain the vehicle’s ride quality, come and talk to us.

Another major advantage of air suspension is that when installed in SUVs they allow you to handle more loads than normal suspension. You can increase the towing capability of your SUV by going from normal suspension to air suspension. The reason behind this is very simple – air suspension systems allow you to adjust the firmness. Thus you can make it more firm, allowing you to stay more in control and not let the vehicle being towed make your veer left or right.

Air suspensions need to be repaired with caution and they require many specialized tools to be repaired properly. However you have nothing to worry about – we have all the tools required and our team has a lot of experience with air suspensions. We work for people who truly love the amazing ride quality of their vehicles. We aren’t in the business of just making sure that your car runs, we are in the business of making sure that your car runs as beautifully as it should.

Many luxury vehicles and big vehicles already have air suspensions. However, you can also get air suspension installed on vehicles which do not come with air suspension. If you love your car but you want to improve the ride quality by a wide margin by getting air suspension installed, we can do that too.

When it matters, call the Auto Repair experts.

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